C King Associates Ltd offers 3 sets of playing cards, covering mines, unexploded ordnance (UXO) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Each card has a high-resolution image and data, with each suit representing a different weapon category.  The IED pack also has a scale and colour reference card.

These cards are widely used by explosive ordnance disposal organistaions, humanitarian aid agencies and the military.

Cards Page

  • Mine Cards

    Designed primarily for mine risk education within communities in mine-affected countries, these cards help both children and adults to recognise the threat that they face. Each suit represents a different mine category. Specifications are also included, allowing younger children to learn effortlessly as they play "trumps". - mine cards 2 - mr.JPG

  • UXO Cards

    UXO cards show the types of unexploded ordnance most likely to be encountered in post-conflict situations. One of the suits is dedicated entirely to submunitions; also covered are grenades (hand, rifle and spin-stabilised), rockets, missiles, mortars, projectiles and MANPADS. Each card has a photo, information and specifications. UXO - lr.JPG

  • IED Cards

    There are two packs of IED awareness cards available, one orientated to Iraq and the other to Afghanistan; both are designed to increase the awareness of soldiers and civilians working in these regions. The cards cover the types of explosives, initiation systems, improvised weapons and military munitions currently in use. card box - lr.jpg