About Us

C King Associates Ltd (CKA) was founded by Colin King, a former British Army Bomb Disposal Officer, who has been engaged in EOD throughout the last 26 years.

Colin King's military experience included work in the Gulf during and after operation Desert Storm and numerous deployments to the Balkans. He commanded mine and ordnance clearance in the Falklands, led the first British team to train Afghan deminers, and instructed at the Defence EOD School.  He has since worked in many active and former conflict areas, including Cambodia, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya.

CKA recently ran the Demining Program Office for the clearance of the first minefields in the Falkland Islands and, in conjunction with MAIC/CISR, conducted a comprehensive study into the effects of aging on landmines under a State Department grant. 

Colin King was a technical advisor to the Oslo Process resulting in the Cluster Munitions Convention; sister company Fenix Insight Ltd, in partnership with Norwegian Peoples Aid, followed up by implementing a self-help disposal program for cluster munitions.  The first operational program destroyed Moldova’s entire stockpile of Russian cluster bombs in a matter of weeks. 

Other work includes the breakdown and analysis of live munitions, resulting in the production of detailed technical reports and sectioned training aids. CKA also produces mine, IED and UXO awareness playing cards, surrogate mines and detection samples, which are in use with military, humanitarian and research agencies throughout the world.